Saturday, November 21, 2009

2010 VW Fox and 2010 VW Crossfox

This was one of the most expected releases of the year. VW has recently re-modelled its Fox and Crossfox models. They are best-sellers inside the VW range, and on this re-styling VW listened to consumers' complains, which concerned mainly the models' fit and finish.
The Fox follows VW's new design, which was introduced in Europe with the Mk6 Golf, a model which is not available yet in the Brazilian market. The sides of the Fox were not altered, but the rear-end was granted new tail lights and bumper. The Fox is avaliable in nine different trim levels, with an engine choice of 1.0 or 1.6 liter power sources, and a gearbox choice of either manual or automated, this last one called I-Motion.
This so called new generation of the Fox has new optionals, such as the forementioned I-Motion transmission, and sunroof. The radio system now has a USB and iPod connections, and the dashboard now has plastics that feel nicer to the touch. The instrument pannel is now the same as in other VW models, such as the Polo and the Gol. It has a blue illumination, and when equiped, the I-System on-board computer screen. Prices start at R$ 29'993 for the basc, 3-door, 1.0 liter trim level, and can get as high as R$ 39'400 for the 5-door, 1.6 liter I-Motion trim level.

VW has also announced the adventurous brother of the Fox, the VW Crossfox. The improvements from the previous model concern mailny the same issues as the Fox: fit and finish. Its design is also "cleaner" as the outgoing model's, due to the loss of the transversal roof rails and the front cross-bar.
The Crossfox is avaliable in only one trim, the 1.6 liter manual, but the owner may equip it with items that range from a simple air conditioner to a complexsunroof. The higher suspension and the off-road tyres enhance its off-road appearance, but the lack of a 4x4 system or any other off-road apparatuses put off any serious off-roading pretensions.
In the interior, the same changes as the Fox's can be found. The only difference is the seat lining, which as a different saliance and a different fabric as the ones found in the Fox. VW says that 60% of the Crossfox owners are women, and that only 5% of the owners actually take the car off-roading regularly. With prices starting at expensive R$ 45'550 (and getting as high as R$ 62'510 when fully equipped), the Crossfox is pretty expensive, but its improvements over the previous model are a reasonable sales argument.
André's Opinion: The Crossfox is from now on my favorite car. It is high enough off the ground to face the speed bumpswe have in São Paulo; small enough to fit into any parking space and agile enough to make a quick stoplight getaway. The Fox is also a very good car, but I would look at the Polo, it's "older brother", with a lot of attention.

Source: Quatro Rodas

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Alisha Stafford Feitosa said...

I'm kinda liking the looks of this orange Crossfox. And the USB port has got to be useful.